School Of Excellence

Anell School of Excellence is a multipurpose school aimed at providing individualized education that addresses learners unique learning styles, which cultivates independent thoughts to make them creative builders of their present and future. The holistic (cognitive, physical, social and emotional) development of our learners is our main priority.

Anell provides quality education through modern technological strategies of learners from three (3) months to fourteen (14) years thus from Creche to J.H.S 3. The intention of the school’s management is to feed the upper grade gradually with the lower grade.

Our preschool combines learning experiences and structured play in a fun, safe and nurturing environment.

Differently , our creche offers far more than just toddler care, rather enhances beginners’ development through series of Early Years Foundation activities such as dexterity activities, oral, auditory and sensorial discovery activities.

Our nursery and reception learners are considered the ‘enquiry group’. Diverse opportunities are created for them to explore reading through synthetic phonics, numeracy and the like.

Our grade schoolers are considered the ‘master minders’ who explore opportunities through child-centred activities created to engage them in all learning areas.

At Anell we strive for excellence, by so doing we boast of our quality, certified and dedicated staff.

Anell School of Excellence has a unique outdoor area providing a stimulating learning experience for our learners.

Our spacious classroom and well-designed washroom provide a serene environment and comfort for learners and staff.

A unique play area with modern resources that facilitate learning experience for learners and staff.

We prioritize on surveillance of both indoor and outdoor activities of learners, staff and visitors to ensure safety and security.

ANELL’s MISSION is to provide quality education and childcare in a safe, child friendly and conducive environment that build a foundation for life – long learning.

Our VISION is to develop well rounded confident and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potentials.

We do this by providing quality teaching and learning experience through supportive learning environment and engaging school culture in which everyone’s achievement are celebrated and no child is left behind in terms of academics.

  • Learning for life
  • Excellence
  • Assertiveness
  • Respect for all
  • Spruceness
Our School's Programme

It is the philosophy of Anell School of Excellence that, children are encouraged to learn and grow by providing a foundation of developmentally appropriate experiences where all children can succeed in a safe and nurturing environment. Our programme is an integration of academic and non-academic but social and personal development activities such as swimming, computer coding, craft etc. We believe in developing the mind, body and spirit.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is an integration of Cambridge and GES. Our method of teaching is backed by the Montessorian, Constructivism and Vygotskian models of education.

Our Professional Team

We pride ourselves with well trained teachers (facilitators) who are versed in the area of preschool and grade school tuition and care. The school has a culture of giving its teaching staff Continuous Professional Development (In-house training) periodically.

Stimulating Learning Environment

We believe in the child-centred learning approach, therefore, our classrooms are fittted with relevant learning resources. We have modern outdoor facilities such as swimming pools, bouncy castles, trampoline, riders just to mention a few.

Teacher Leaner Ratio

We have very spacious classrooms with moderate learners in each class. Our creche has a fifteen (15) to three (3) adults ratio. Our other preschool levels have 20 learners is to 2 adults ratio and our grade school also has a maximum of 20 learners in a class.

General Care

We are ‘home away from home’. We are noted for clean environs, balanced meals served under hygienic conditions and child care support.

Learners' Health

All staff are trained in health and safety procedures, child protection and rst aid. Regular pediatrician visits. Fire safety and pest control procedures. Nut free Environment

Holiday Support

We have your busy schedule at heart. For this reason, our facility is opened to you our cherished parents and the entire public on vacations and other selected holidays on a very moderate fee. Special lessons are given on phonics, mechanical writing, crafts, swimming, programming etc.


The management of our learners and visitors is a fundamental part of our school security policy for safeguarding and protecting both people and property. We have prioritize on surveillance of both indoor and outdoor activities of learners, staff and visitors to ensure safety and security