School Of Excellence

Admissions take place at the beginning of every academic year. Mid-stream admissions take place depending on the vacancies available in the various classes.


  • The Parent or Guardian need to book an appointment for entrance exams either through phone call or personally at the School premises. (NB: Entrance exams come with a fee.)
  • Selection is strictly based on the child’s performance after writing the school’s entrance exams
  • Admission letter is then given to the child after successfully obtaining the pass mark.
  • Parents can then go ahead and purchase the Admission Form from the School’s accounts office using the admission letters.
  • The Admission Form must be submitted within a week of purchasing, together with a bank slip showing payment of the child’s full school fees.
  • The following items should be attached to the Admission Form when submitting.
    • A photocopy of the child’s birth certificate
    • A photocopy each of two (2) previous terms report for primary pupils.
    • A photocopy of cumulative record or transcript for Junior High pupils
    • A photocopy of weighing vaccination page of the child’s weighing book for Crèche and Nursery pupils.


Pupil will only be considered as candidates for admission and entry to Anell School Of Excellence when the admission form has been completed and returned with all relevant documents.